Aircraft Physical Damage – Hull Coverage
(Repairs or replaces lost or damaged aircraft.)

Aircraft Liability – Part 135/121 – (Third party bodily injury, including passengers, and property damage liability.)

Premises Liability – Slip and Fall
(Owners, landlords and tenants.)

Personal Injury/Advertising Liability – No bodily physical injury
(Libel, slander, false arrest.)

Premises Medical – Liability does not need to be proven – in addition to liability limit.

Contractual Liability – Failure to perform – (Your written contractual obligations must be approved by the insurance company prior to coverage.)

Independent Contractors Liability – (Contractor fails to provide own or adequate insurance coverage – vicarious responsibility.)

On-Airport Premises Auto Liability – (Event your employees and/or customers are involved in an auto accident on airport premises and fail to provide own or have adequate insurance coverage – vicarious responsibility.)

Fire Legal Liability – Leased or neighboring buildings
(Destroyed or damaged by fire caused by you.)

Cargo Liability – Bailee Protection
(Loss or damage to cargo in your care, custody and control.)

Cargo All Risk Coverage – as above – but
(Liability does not have to be proven.)

Workers’ Compensation – Employers’ Liability
See Workers’ Compensation information.

Building and Contents – owned or leased – all risks coverage
(Pays to repair or replace building, contents and personal property of others.)

Non-owned Coverage – Same coverage as required for aircraft physical damage and aircraft liability but for aircraft not owned by you, i.e., provide pilot services.


List of aircraft with year, model, registration numbers, values and seating capacities / liability limit required / completion of Exhibit B for all pilots / airport where aircraft based / hangared or tied down / area of operations / years in business / experience of manager, maintenance, and mechanic / experience of chief pilot / current insurance company.
  • Years in business.
  • Current insurance company.
  • Three year loss run from current insurance company, completion of Accord Application and supplemental Exhibit E for Workers’ Compensation.
  • Three year loss record for other coverage.
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